Bakemonogatari is 10 Years Old!

Bakemonogatari turns 10 years old this year and you cannot help to think what impact it had it’s first few years of release and now a decade later. When Bake first released Studio Shaft blew us away with it’s unique style mostly thanks to Director Akiyuki Shinbo.

I remember watching people talking about how great Bake is and that i should watch it but for the first 4 years of being deep into anime i never watched it. It was one of the most intimidating shows i have ever wanted to get into. I thought “What if this show everyone praises i don’t like?”, “What if i don’t understand it’s complexity?”. Both of these valid concerns due to the show being famous for it’s heavy dialogue, fast paced subtitles and notes that you most of the time had to pause if you wanted to catch all of the information being flashed upon your screen and the biggest thing, the Japanese word play that is so brilliantly created yet still so far from my comprehension due to the fact i did not know the language.

One day i took initiative and i watched it. I was introduced to so many interesting ways to tell a story, Arararagi ((oops sorry i stuttered)) trying to help so many people he came in contact with him, Him and Senjogahara’s relationship and how she can drop in and out keeping her relevancy. These are just some items i think of that are my favorite when watching the show, I didn’t need to know all the jokes they told me for my investment was more in the characters and the character interactions.

So, it’s been 10 years since it took me to watch it have you still not watched it? It might be time to change that. Just be prepared to hit the pause button multiple times through out an episode and never take your eyes off of the screen!

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