My Long Wait For Outlaw Star To Find Me

So i don’t know how i never watched Outlaw Star up until this point in my life let alone never even heard of it! Thankfully Brad, my friend from YouTube “The Anime Collector” bought me a copy of Outlaw Star and gave it to me at Anime Expo! I will post the video for context of that magical moment

Now what exactly did i think of Outlaw Star? For some reason i always want to compare it to Cowboy Bebop. Maybe it’s Sunrise Studios or maybe just the time frame when it was created. Outlaw Star follows the story of Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking as they get wrapped up in Hilda, An outlaw’s plan to steal Melfina, A bio-android to protect her and take the XGP, A ship that exceeds all others, and soon they all start working together.

This is the opening summary but Gene becomes the captain of the XGP which is renamed the Outlaw Star and soon add Suzuka a ninja assassin, and Aisha ((Best Girl)) a Ctarl-Ctarl, to the crew. The way they did this was interesting because it was actually an episode or 2 or in Aisha’s case several episodes before they even joined the Outlaw Star. This show has no shortage of colorful diverse characters and this even includes the villains.

Now why did it take me so long to get into this anime and for that matter why did no one talk about it my whole life until someone buy it for me to watch it i will never understand. In comparing it to Cowboy Bebop ((which my mind is still insisted on me doing)) Outlaw Star likes to jump back and forth when it comes to seriousness of an episode and goofing around. So when the mood shifts into something serious it’s hard for my mind to catch up to the seriousness of whats going on when Gene last episode was goofing around in a hot springs. Where Bebop still goofs around it stays balanced each episode.

I did have way more fun with this show and i watched it way faster than Bebop. Also hands down the best episode is Episode 20 which focuses on Jim’s first love which was a hard pill to swallow as a viewer.

Overall i am happy it took me over 20 years to watch this show because i think i wouldn’t have appreciated it as much unless i watched it now in my anime loving life. Even the ending made this whole show feel like a prologue more than anything. Regardless this will go down as one of my favorite show’s of the 90’s.

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