One Punch Man Season Two Trailer is Out and Fans Are Not Happy

When one punch man came out i think we all expected it to not get a season two due to how Madhouse is when it comes to releasing sequels. But when season two for One Punch Man was announced fans thought it was too good to be true, and it was. There was one catch and that it was not going to be animated by Madhouse but by J.C. Staff.

Now not to knock J.C. Staff they hold up when they want to when creating a show. So i was not too worried about it and even when i saw some screenshots from the anime before the preview. But now that the preview has dropped many fans are freaking out over the way seems to be been animated.

Now Don’t get me wrong yes the final product is what we should be judging on and not the preview but it is possible to have an opinion and predictions about it. The Preview was half black screen talking and text flashing and small amounts of animation being shown. So from what we did see is what has everyone in a panic. It is important to remember that it is never going to look as good as what Madhouse has done. But it will not look as bad as if Studio Dean did it ((Sorry Dean Fans)) It will be different and we need to judge this anime based on it’s Studio and not comparing it to other studios.

When it comes to story i have no idea where the anime will be taking this. I have not personally read the Manga so i am curious to see if this adaptation is going to make me go “Oh well i guess i can just read the manga instead”

I personally do not think that there is enough to fully judge it and until it airs in the summer i cannot tell you if it will fail. It is more One Punch Man and although there will be a decline in quality i will still watch it and don’t see myself dropping it unless it really is the utter disaster twitter is making it out to be.

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