Penguin Highway Hitting Theaters

Penguin Highway is coming to theaters starting on the 12th! This is subbed and dubbed versions playing until the 15th ((Depending on your area, check websites like Fandango to find a theater near you)) Now you may have seen Penguin Highway and are excited to see it, But for others you may have never heard of it or never got around to watching it. I never watched it until a company reached out to me to review it so that it can get more attention on the theatrical release. They sent me a screening copy and as i watched it i fell in love with it! So what is Penguin Highway all about?

Now do not be alarmed! Penguin Highway is not a metaphor for something it really has penguins! Penguin Highway starts off with a boy who smarter than the rest of his class and is counting the days before he can become an adult. Aoyama finds being a kid is holding him back and that his motivation to be a scientist is not taken seriously due to his age. One day he is walking to school and see’s a group of penguins of all things in the middle of the field. With his scientific curiosity he decides to try and get to the bottom of these mysterious appearances. When he is given a lead he follows it as the story progresses with the given characters.

The reason i was so bland at the end of that last sentence is to not spoil you. I really believe if more people went into this movie not knowing the premise of the story i think it would be that much more enjoyable, and for a lot of you that is the case. The main Focus of the show is childhood. Aoyama tries to to grow up so fast and yet the more he tries to act as an adult it brings him back to being a child. It makes us all want to go back to being a kid with our imagination at max 24/7.

Now i will warn you. There are a lot of questions you will have in this movie that do not get answered, and that for me was a little disappointing. Considering the way the story is set up and what it is trying to do i guess i can forgive it for not explaining some phenomenons. If it’s a movie about being a kid and the kids imagination, then i guess i don’t need a scientific explanation.

You should go see this movie because not only is it a heartfelt movie about childhood, the penguins are super cute and adorable.

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